Welcome to Bingo Innovations of California. We are a State of California approved organization that was formed to assist charitable organizations, as defined by State law, in their fund-raising activities by electronically linking their state-wide facilities via the internet and conducting a linked, “pari-mutuel” bingo game with larger prize money. This newest form of charity bingo called “Remote Caller Bingo” or “Linked Bingo” offers charitable fundraising opportunities.

Our research has shown that casino style bingo games, with larger prizes, have taken much needed funding from charitable organizations by diminishing the value and draw of traditional charity bingo because of previously existing legal limitations on charitable bingo.

This has presented an opportunity for us to help the charitable organizations. We provide the investment needed for the technology, accounting, and hardware to make the games attractive to the public.

Since our games started (June 2014), we have been very proud of the difference these game have made in allowing the proceeds to help make an impact in the communities in which we play. We have greatly enjoyed the letters and newspaper articles which have proven that the charitable outreaches truly have been successful, as well as desperately needed. This has always been the sole mission of Linked Bingo, to allow the charities a better way to fund raise, while allowing the participants a chance to win greater prize money.

At present we have many charitable organizations awaiting licensing who want to join the remote caller bingo family. This would allow us to play multiple nights and reach the larger jackpot payouts that players seek, all the while supporting their local charity!

If you are a charity and would like to join one of the most exciting opportunities in fundraising please contact us today!

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